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Heals the depression through music

Music is a form of art, cultural activity and their medium, are sound, voice.  Music is the one has doesn’t require any kind of languages or any barriers. Music has a power to heal everything, If any one suffering from mental stress or depression, it automatically cure the stress.

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The music is divided into classic, pop, jazz, rock and other types. Learning music doesn’t have any age limit everyone can learn the music. Music has different pitch that is melody and harmony. In urban side peoples most likes rock music and in the rural side like folk music. Indian philosophers and Ancient Greek defined music as tones ordered vertically as harmonies and horizontally as melody.  Music played a key role at that time of religious rituals like marriage, graduation and other function.

Some music lovers like to hear the romantic and melody music. Romantic plays major role while in depression or in homesick. The music lovers like to hear a mixed tape of music.

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